Personal Branding Photography

Ever heard the phrase ‘It’s not all about you?’. Well, when it comes to personal branding it most definitely is.

It isn’t just a headshot! It’s someone’s first impression of you. The headshot has evolved, today it is very contemporary, highly styled, and it needs to immediately set you apart from your competitors. This type of personal branding is perfect for Musicians, Bloggers, Artists, Entrepreneurs, and Designers alike.

Personal Branding photography aims to capture not only your professionalism but every other side of you, the strategist, the best friend, the parent, the rule breaker! It is important your photographs reflect your personality to show the real and relatable person behind your brand.

What is the reason for having a powerful personal brand?

  • When you’re distinctive, you’ll cut through the clutter
  • Potential clients will notice you
  • They will remember you
  • And when you get it right, the right people will be drawn like a magnet to work with you

People do tend to make snap judgments based upon what they see, and as they say “a picture paints a thousand words”. So let’s make sure that you take control of that initial introduction.

Along with my full personal branding shoots I also offer a subscription service for 20 minute shoots every month, find out more about this by clicking the link below.

Personal Branding | Amanda Forman Commercial Photography
I’m not photogenic

Don’t worry about it no one is ‘photogenic it’s the photographers’ job to direct you and pose you. Trust me it is my job to take the best photo you have ever seen of yourself!.

I only need one photo

That is what most people think to begin with but have you  thought about how you will use your images? LinkedIn, Website, Editorials, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, Bio, Print ………..

I wouldn’t know what to wear

We will go over all of this in the consultation. What you wear will depend on how you want to reflect your brand. I will be with you every step of the way

What is included?

  • 2-3 hour shoot
  • All images retouched and provided in full and web resolution
  • Up to 100 images provided to you in an online gallery so you have a whole host of images ready for you to use that truly reflect your brand
  • An in depth personal branding consultation by phone or in-person ahead of your personal branding photoshoot
  • Up to three outfit changes and two locations 
  • Unlimited personal email support prior to your session


One off payment of £395 including your 2-3 hour shoot, all edited images and editing

Can we go to more than one location?

Yes of course, just keep in mind that travel time between locations comes out of the overall session time

How long do my images take to come back?

I usually ask for 14 days but if I can get them to you sooner I will.

What if I don't need 3 hours

If you have already got several brand images and just need a quick refresh you could book on to my Micro session package. This is a yearly subscription of £50 a month and gives you a 20/25 minute shoot every month to update your photos and keep in with the seasons. CHECK IT OUT

How far in advance should I book you?

I would advise booking between 1-2 months ahead of when you need the images to allow time for your session to be edited and allow you to choose your preferred images.

Do you retouch my images

All images are edited for colour tones, white balance and cropping and some light retouching will take place to remove blemishes on the skin, distracting signs etc. Additional retouching can be requested and costing for this will be discussed in advance

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