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Preparing For Your Headshots

Your headshots are going to help people form their first impression of you; so it is important to get it right! Of course a lot of this lies in the photographer, the lighting and the direction you receive during your shoot. But you also need to arrive prepared in order you to get the most out of the process.

Below are my top tips focusing around presenting you at your very best, as this will ensure that you are prepared and will inevitably get the most out of your session.

1. Ladies

  • Keep make-up natural and light and bring along some translucent powder to combat shine.
  • If your hair is prone to frizz be sure to bring some smoothing serum with you on the day and take time to check your hair before coming in for the shoot

2. Gentlemen

  • For those without beards please ensure you shave the morning of your shoot. If you are prone to skin irritation please be sure to use calming gels to try and combat this or if preferred shave the evening prior to allow the irritation to subside.
  • It is advisable to have your hair cut 3-4 days before your headshot if possible to avoid that freshly cut look
Amanda Forman Corporate Photography | Headshots | Personal Branding | Rutland
Amanda Forman Corporate Photography | Headshots | Personal Branding | Rutland

3. Clothes

  • Solid colours work best for headshots so no patterns please – the aim is to keep the focus on the face and not the clothing
  • Ensure that all clothing is ironed wrinkles are difficult to photo shop out and do not look professional
  • Only wear what you are comfortable in, if you never wear bright red don’t wear it to your shoot it will leave you feeling uncomfortable and this can be noticed in the images.
  • Please don’t wear tops/dresses with ruffled/angled shoulders – although these can look great in person they don’t translate well in to photographs.
  • This may seem obvious but if it doesn’t fit don’t bring it with you!


4. Glasses

  • If you wear glasses please bring along a couple of pairs (if you own more than one) as some will be more reflective than others.

5. But Most of All!

  • Above all enjoy it – having your headshot taken should not feel like a chore and my aim is to make this the best headshot session you have ever had!

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